The home care sector plays a vital role in integrated systems to enable a shift from acute, episodic care to long-term care that meets the chronic care needs of an aging population. Through funding support from Health Canada, the Canadian Home Care Association has developed the Home Care Lens tool to facilitate collaboration and cross-sector planning to ensure the right care in the right place at the right time.

The Home Care Lens (HCL) tool supports policy planners and program designers in the development and evaluation of integrated approaches to care. The HCL identifies issues that impact community-based integration models and assists in determining the appropriate resources and strategies to optimize the role of home care.

The Home Care Lens tool consists of a policy lens and a program lens, both of which are available on this site.  Each lens can be accessed by multiple users in a private, secure environment to facilitate collaboration and joint decision making. The site also includes resources on integrated models of care and a feedback section to share your experiences and suggestions for the evolution of the HCLs.


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